Mini Hoist SLH 1000 B – COMPACT

Art.Nr. 320.100

Compact Hoist for Theatre and Opera Houses with up to 150kg payload

The super-compact Mini-Hoist is the ideal solution for professional lighting on any kind of stage.

In order to be able to design the lighting as flexibly as possible, particular emphasis was placed on the slim design of the lifting device. With less than 1m height and 1m width, the SLH 1000 B – COMPACT is by far the most compact hoist in its class.

The luminaire hanger allows a safe and flexible use of the lighting. The drive unit remains on the ceiling which minimizes shadows. A 48.0 mm tube is used to accommodate several headlights. 4 steel cables with a diameter of 4.0 mm are used as support. The luminaire hanger is equipped with safety devices such as slack rope, rope break, as well as limit switches and emergency limit switches for the position at the top and at the bottom of the motor gear unit. The overload setting as well as all other service settings are easily adjustable. All maintenance points can be viewed without tools. The network connections and data lines for the lamps are fitted according to customer requirements. The hoist is controled via standard wall panel, infrared or radio remote control by means of hand transmitters. The point load within the supporting cable area is equal to the total payload.

The MTS – Media Technical System lifting devices fulfill the relevant safety regulations DGUV regulation 17 (formerly BGV C1, formerly VBG 70) as well as DIN 56950-2 (formerly DIN 15560)

Produkt Highlights
Technische Daten

MTS Stangenleuchtenhänger Hoist
MTS Mini Hoist Theater
The highlights at a glance
  • extremely compact design (<0.8 m)
  • Ideal for opera houses and theaters
  • Slack rope / rope break detection
  • operational and emergency limit switches
  • up to 11 m drop
  • up to 150 kg payload
  • DGUV regulation 17 (formerly BGV C1, former VBG 70) as well as DIN 56950-2 (formerly DIN 15560)
Technical specifications
  • Load bar: 48.0 mm Ø 1000 mm
  • Overall length:
  • Lift: <>. 135 mm / sec
  • Motor: 230 / 400V; 50 Hz
  • Motor protection IP 54
  • Max. Payload: 150 kg
  • Dynamically self-locking gearbox
  • Continuous lubrication from -30 to + 150 °
  • Slack rope break detection for each suspension rope
  • Overload protection
  • Operating limit switch up / down
  • Emergency up / down switch
  • Load bearing by means of clamps or pipe wagons
  • technical changes reserved

Technische Zeichnung:

MTS Stangenleuchtenhänger Hoist Theater Zeichnung
MTS Stangenleuchtenhänger Hoist Theater Zeichnung 2



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