MTS studio rail system ASS T-20

Art.Nr. 3810 020 ASS T-20 bright drawn 20pol.

Art.Nr. 3810 120 ASS T-20 anodised 20pol.

Art.Nr. 3810 220 ASS T-20  powder coated 20pol.

Strong rail system for stage and studio with 20 conductor lines

Our MTS-ASS T-20 conductor rail profile is a power and data-carrying rail system with up to 20 integrated copper lines (even more upon request).

Both, the power supply and the transmission of the control signals take place via these specially developed copper lines.

The rail profile is ideal as a strong support means in all kind of television studios as well as on stage. It allows to precisely position all kind of rigging parts exactly where you need it and ensures the power and data supply. 

The MTS ASS T 20 rail is a modular system wih a flexible amount of copper lines (poles: 10, 20 or even more). This rail comes to use when heavy enery and data transmission as well as high payloads are required. The strong carrying profile ASS T also offers the running treads for various trolleys. The number of copper lines is determined by the amount of energy, which has to be transmitted.

  • strong and modular system
  • apporx. payload 2490 kg (point load, simply supported beam every 2m)

Product highlights
Technical information

Field of application:

load rail for pantographs, telescopes, hoist systems on stage and in studio


not possible


width: 202 mm

height: 204 mm

length: 6.000mm (standard)

MTS – power and data transmitting studio rails:

Our MTS contact conductor rail systems are a proven and reliable concept of safe energy and data transmission, combined with strong carrier sections and running treads for all kind equipment.

The system rails are specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements in TV studios and on stage as well as for industry usage. Diffrent rail profiles cover every scope of application ; available for a broad range of playload and between 3 and 30 (or even more) integrated copper conductors. These copper conductors transmit the required energy to power the devices as well as the data signals for miscellaneous control systems.

The MTS conductor rail allows moving heavy loads and power supplies such as telescopes, pantographs, hoist, curtains and other lighting suspension.


The MTS conductor line is a contact-protected conductor line. The housing can accommodate different copper cross sections. Depending on the customer’s needs, a continuous flat copper strip will be delivered. Compact arrangement and easy installation are the outstanding features of this conductor rail system. The ASS conductor rail complies with VDE, European and International standards and regulations, as well as the accident prevention regulations.

The MTS ASS T-10 Studio Rail Profile is an aluminum conductor rail with 10 integrated copper conductors and very high load capacity. This rail syststem makes complicated cabeling obsolete. High loads can be moved exactly to where they´re needed. In combination with the motorized MTS trolleys, the systems can also be motorized. Individual control concepts are available here as well as various positioning systems.

The profile of the rail is 204mm high and 202mm wide and consists of drawn AlMgSi 0.5 F 22 to 25. On request, the Studio rail is also available black-anodized, which reduces reflections to a minimum.

The rails, equiped with the conductor lines, are used for portable power consumers, such as overhead conveyors, lighting installations, television studio equipment, power tools, machine tools, etc.


  • Rail: AlMgSi 0,5 F 22 to 25
    • Standard. aluminum bright drawn
    • black anodised: on request
  • Isolator: PPO/PPE, halogen-free (ASS1, ASS2, ASS3), PVC (ASST10)
    • Flammability UL 94: 94 V – 0; self-extinguishing, not drippingDIN 4102- B1 These1
    • Oxygen Index: ASTM D 2863: 31%
    • Heat resistance: VICAT B, nach DIN 63460: 90°C
  • Copper strip: E-Cu58 (Cu – ETP)
    • Material standard: D 1787
    • Strength: > 370
    • Heigth: 10mm
    • thickness: per application
      • 0.5 mm for max. 36 A / 600V
      • 1,0 mm for max. 63 A / 600V
      • 1,6 mm for max. 80 A / 600V
      • 2,5 mm for max.100 A / 600V
Belastungstabelle | load index | tableaux de Charge:
Tabelle AS T

The loads are based on static analysis of the industry. For stage and studio technology the loads are reduced by 50%.



Art.Nr. 3512.003 Stromabnehmer 3 pol.

Art.Nr. 3512.005 Stromabnehmer 5 pol.

Art.Nr. 3512.007 Stromabnehmer 7 pol.

Art.Nr. 3512.010 Stromabnehmer 10 pol.


Art.Nr. 3014.011 Scheinwerferwagen mit Feststeller


Art.Nr. 3013.218 Schienenstoßverbinder


Art.Nr. 1113.302 Nutenstein


Art.Nr. 1013.302 Nutenstein


Art.Nr. 3510.300 Endeinspeisung


Art.Nr. 3511.006 Endkappe


Art.Nr. 3520.002 Mitteleinspeisung


Art.Nr. 2910.013 Stromkreistrennung


Art.Nr. 1013.218 Schienenstoßverbinder

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